We have an extensive stock of U.S. half dollars of all types. If you are searching only for a type coin please go to our web page U.S. Classic Type Coins. We have half dollars for the starting collector as well as for the specialist seeking scarce and rare varieties.


"AMERICAN CLASSIC HALF DOLLARS" We have a very nice Album with 9 Classic American silver and C-N half dollars. They include the first Commemorative Half Dollar honoring Columbus (1892-1993), the early Liberty Cap design (1807-1839), Seated Liberty type (1839-91), Liberty Head (1892-1915), Walking Liberty (1916-1947), Franklin (1948-1963), and three Kennedy varieties, the silver 1964, the 1965-1970 clad type and finally the Bicentennial 1976.  Condition ranges from Very Good to Uncirculated. This is a great gift item that would be great for a youngster starting out collecting type coins of America.  The set and Album are worth $190.00 or more, and we have this set now for only $165.00.


Draped Bust &Heraldic Eagle Reverse Type Half Dollar (1801- 1807)

1803, Small 3, Very Fine,  No Vertical Serif.  Rev. Die crack at States/13 arrows type, Overton -104 (R 3/4)  Very Scarce, old cabinet toning, this is a great classic early American coin that belongs in an early type set. The Small 3 is a bit rarer than the Large 3. Was recently on a major price rise  along with other early American coinage, now  $1,120.00. *


1806, POINTED TOP 6, STEMS THROUGH CLAW,  with characteristic recutting defect at date that make this one of the most interesting varieties of the date, lowest berry has no stem. On reverse, die crack along top of entire UNITED to "ST" in STATES, but not to end of STATES. Edge lettering error type adding to its scare designation. O-116 Obv. 9-s3, Rev. L, (R-3) SCARCE,  Fine-12, $400.00*


Capped Bust Half Dollars (1807-1839)

(Please note that we have a wide selection of Bust Halves by Overton variety types -- please send us your want list with date, grade, and variety desired. (wantlists@CoinsInternational.com)

1809, Fine, O-102a, (R-1) Breen 4600, Error Edge E-3, Lettered Edge, reverse "U" in "UNITED" showing doubling, Weakly struck on obv. center and reverse on wing left shows all the attributes of a better grade including much luster. Die breaks along bottom of date and into bust. Weakness is characteristic. An interesting coin! POR*

1809, VG+-Fine, O-109, Obv, 5, Rev. G, (R-3) transiting to reverse die state G-s2 but not there yet. Lettered Edge.  $125.00*

1811, Small 8, O-106, "crossbar 2 extends  into right wing,"  R-3 SCARCE TYPE, F-VF, Very nice for its grade, with few distracting marks and nearly invisible to naked eye old light scrs., gray-steel toning with the characteristic bald patch on the left wing due to die misalignment and strong details on the right wing. Has all the right interesting elements of its variety clearly visible and a reasonable nice type coin for this early series.  $125.00*


1812, Very Fine-, Overton-104, steel gray tone with no major problems, attractive both sides for grade.  $190 .00*

1812, Fine-20, Overton-107, light steel gray tone with no major problems except a gauge to the right of the turban only impacting the field which may be a plainchant defect, otherwise attractive both sides for grade.  $100.00*

1817, Normal Date VF- (O-113) R-3, sl. scrs obv. field, dark tone, normally a $125 coin, only $ 69.00

1818, Normal Date F+ - VF- (O-112 Obverse die 9/Rev. I) Early reverse die state, R-1, only $90.00

1819/18, Over Date/Large 9, Star 2 drastically recut, VF-/F, Usual weakness in left wing feathers but strong detail in right wing. O-104a, the reverse with major die cracks, and in our die state the arrow shifts have been lapped largely off) A very interesting coin for the die state specialist. R-2, $ 275.00*

1820, Square Base Knob 2, Large Date, XF+ with full luster over lovely toning, but Graffiti rt. field obv., (O-105) R-2. Normally a $650 coin without problems, only $265.00*

1823, XF-, toned a nice somewhat lighter gun metal gray, O-103, R2,  POR* 

1823, VF,  Perfect Date, Late obverse die state but crack does not reach "OF,"  a nice very lightr gunmetal gray with field luster, a very nice looking coin, well above average in eye appeal. O-107, R2,  $190.00* 

1824/1, AU- with lovely full mint luster and light attractive peripheral edge orange toning, On our copy there appears to be a double cutting in from of Liberty's face, neck and chest, (I'd call it a "doubled profile!" With open lips.) Has die crack  associated with the A-s2 reverse.  O-101a, Listed as both R-2 and R-3 in some references.  SCARCE and a very interesting coin for the specialist,  $1,00.00*

1824, Very Fine+, perhaps more XF- with lovely dark gray toning with lighter highlights,  no major problems or marks, a superior coin for its grade, O-117 Rev. "Serif of D under corner of E,"  $350.00*

1825, Very Fine, O-105, R-2, $125.00*

1825, O-162,  VF,  choice with much luster. $137.00

1826, O-118, "Stars very close to milling,"Slider" Unc./AU-58, hard to tell if it is Unc. or has a bit of cabinet rub.  $740.00

1826, O-101a, Choice toned Extra Fine+, R-2, Variety with die cracks along top of ICA in AMERICA. A very attractive coin without any easily seen blemishes.  $275.00*

1827,Square Base 2,  O-104, Choice, Fine-12, R-2, No problem coin for grade. $95.00*

1828, O-122, Square base 2, Small 8's, R-3 SCARCE, "Broken rim at stars 5-6,"  Nice overall coin, ANACS EX-45, $300.00*

1829, O-105, R-1   Nice overall coin, EX. Fine-45, obverse coated with nail polish with areas bare, reverse is without coating otherwise nice appearance and no problems, $250.00*

1830, nicely toned XF-40, (O-106) R-2, Sm. "O". $195.00

1830, Small "0" O-113,  "1 sharply higher than 830," R-2, Very Fine,  $95.00*

1830, Small "0" O-116, Small "0" in Date," AU-50, with much mint luster but has light vertical scratch on Bust,  R-2,Normally a $500.00 coin without scratch, this only $300.00*

1831, Small "0" O-116, Small "0" in Date," First 1 very high and out of line,  Fine-VF with scratches, and porosity around date, but otherwise decent, R-3, SCARCE, Normally, $90.00, the bargain of the page for only $45.00*

1832, Small Letter Reverse, O-102/ 1/B, R-1, "Arrowheads malformed and solidly joined," AU-55, graded by earlier dealer "Choice AU", R--1, $420.00*

1832, Small Letter Reverse, O-113, Die Dot at Throat/Prong at tip of right wing,  R.2,  VF+/VF, $130.00*

1833, small Letter Reverse, O-106 /6/F, R-2, "Laced lips," AU-55, $420.00*

1833, small Letter Reverse, Fine-Very Fine, O-106,  $.90.00*



BUST HALF DOLLAR, LETTERED EDGE, 1836, EXTREMELY FINE-45, O-106a, listed by Overton as R-4 (Very Scarce) and R-3 by Parsley, Breen 4730 var. Reverse die cracks. This specimen has edge error lettering, similar to listed E19 type, making this coin even scarcer. With luster under old cabinet gun metal toning.  This is a tough die variety, a bit ago only one or two slabbed by the major services higher. NGC has no O-106a listed in January 2005 Census report!  Price on Request ( POR)*

BUST HALF DOLLAR, LETTERED EDGE 1836, Bright center with edge toning, sharp!,  AU-50+, POR

BUST HALF DOLLAR,  1837Reeded Edge, 50 Cents Reverse, 1837, XF-45, $300.00*

BUST HALF DOLLAR, 1837 Reeded Edge, 50 Cents Reverse, 1837, XF-45 but with two edge dents on reverse edge, $240.00*

BUST HALF DOLLAR, 1838, Reeded Edge, 50 Cents Reverse,  AU-50, Breen 4735, cited as "VERY RARE," Final 8 heavily re-punched POR*

BUST HALF DOLLAR, 1838, Reeded Edge, 50 Cents Reverse,  EF40 ANACS, light hairlines, at least AU-50 in details with certification to this effect for buyer, with nice luster and appearance, POR*v


Liberty Seated Half Dollars (1839-1891)

1847-O, Without Arrows, Good/VG, $30.00

                        1853-O, SEATED LIBERTY, ARROWS AND RAYS TYPE, BREEN 4842
This 1853-O is VERY RARE as the "Blundered 1" Breen-4842 variety.  Repunching in date.  ANACS Very Fine-35. There is a very minor dig on the reverse left field near leaves, otherwise coin is nice for grade.  This is one of the most rare Seated Liberty half dollar varieties. Almost never found at auctions. Breen cites only one example at auction, in the 1974 GENA, lot 1566. When this was written, only one other Breen 4842 has been authenticated at EF-40. Our coin has been graded and authenticated by ANACS and is in their cache. This individual coin has not been on the numismatic market for 40 years.   Discovered by Coins International.  For the Seated Half dollar specialist who desires the most rare varieties not found in most collections.   POR


1853-O, Arrows and Rays, VF-XF, with much luster with lovely gold tone and strong strike, marred by a reverse vertical scratch from the field below the eagle’s beak to the mint mark. Obverse is lovely with few marks and lots of luster and detail of about XF. Normal price for this coin would be $125-200.00. Selling for just $60.00


1854, SEATED LIBERTY, ARROWS AT DATE, NO RAYS (VARIETY III), ANACS AU-55. This is another coin very close to UNC. with largely fault free original surfaces, lovely very light orange and purple toning over lustrous mint fresh fields. Above the average that you will see at this condition.  $485.00* (593922)

1854-P Arrows-No Rays, Good,  $30.0

1854-P Arrows-No Rays, Good+-VG, $36.00

1854-O, Arrows-No Rays, Good-, $30.00

1854-O, Arrows-No Rays, VG, $38.00

1855-O, Arrows at date, VG-Fine, Breen 4859, $50.00

1855-O, Arrows, VF, $55.00

1856-O, Fine, Coin Values (Trends) list this at $75.00, our's is a lovely no problem coin for its grade, the bargain of this page if you have gotten this far, and are searching for reasonable seated halves, now just $51.50

(We have on many of our pages a special "bargain" coin for those seeking real collector coins at better than competitive prices. Good hunting!

1857-P, Fine, $58.50

1861-O, Type II Rev. VG-, Breen 4904, $40.00

1866, nice bright golden fields with gun metal toned, rotated reverse,  AU-50,  $329.00*

1871 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, AU, with lovely luster and attractive light orange peripheral toning. $300.00*

1876, EF-40 in ANACS, case but frankly this is truly a higher grade coin which likely is in the higher AU range in terms of detail, it has lovely green and golden highlights toning at its edge, which  makes it very attractive. ((SX1812) PORv

1877-CC, About Good+.  $16.00

1877-CC, About Good+.  $16.00




This 1889 is hard to find in such nice Gem Proof condition with lovely toned surfaces, great peripheral blue and golden hues" Breen-5039.  Only 711 proofs minted.  This individual coin has been off the numismatic market for more than thirty years.  For the Seated Half dollar specialist who desires the only gem quality type coins or for a high quality proof date or type set.   $3,450.00*



1891 PROOF, ANACS Proof 63 (Choice Proof)

Only 600 proofs minted, third smallest Proof mintage of type since 1875. This is an outstanding coin, very close to a higher grade, with largely fault free original surfaces, lovely very light toning over lustrous proof mirror fields.  Just beautiful!  $1,400.00 (945936)*



Barber Liberty Head Half Dollars (1892-1915)

1897-O, KEY DATE, Good, with no problems and a nice surface and light golden tone beyond its grade, Breen 5065, $150.00

1899-P, Barber, HALF DOLLAR, XF-AU, Lovely gun metal gray, with underlining luster, Breen 5071 (no varieties).  $210.00

1899-P, Good,  $12.00

1904-), AU+, Breen5088, lovely lightly toned high grade coin with little or no wear visible to eye, with no major problems, $500.00v

1906-P, Good,  $12.50

1906-P, VF-20+, $80.00

1907-D, VF-20, $75.00

1908-O, XF, $175.00

1908-S, Good,  $19.00

1909-O, VF,   $130.00

1912-D, AU-50, $350.00

  1914-P,Barber Liberty Head Half Dollar, ANACS VF-25, key date, with considerable luster, probably a bit weakly struck, $500.00*    



1915-D, AU, $315.00


Liberty Walking Half Dollar (1916-1947)

MONTHLY SPECIAL: 10 DIFFERENT WALKER HALF DOLLARS, AVERAGED CIRCULATED, considered one of our most beautiful coins,  AT JUST $74.00

1937-D, MS-62 ANACS slab, all original lovely surfaces and largely white with nice edge toning, a high end coin in all respects, $200.00*v

1940-P, AU/XF.  $10.00

1941-P, VG-F.  $12.00

1942,Liberty Walking Half, Proof 64 ANACS, this is a near gem coin, crisp almost all white deep mirror fields, the whole coin just jumps out at you in its great details and brightness.   (SX1814) $395.00*v

1942-P, AU.  $11.75

1943-S, F-VF.  $12.50

1944-P, AU.  $11.75

1945-P, MS-60+.  39.50

1945-S, VG-F, (sloping "S").  $12.00

1945-P, LIBERTY WALKING TYPE, Rare Variety, NO "AW" Monogram, Breen 5211, cited it as "Presently Ex. Rare" only 4 reported.  From rev. die excessively relapped to remove clash marks." VF,  See Jeffery LaRose, Coin World, 3/22/78, p. 38.  POR

1946-D, White Bright ANACS MS-64, near gem, $110.00

1947-P, White Bright ANACS MS-65, gem lovely frosty original surfaces, $110.00*v


1947-P,  XF-AU.  $14.00


Ben Franklin Half Dollars (1948-1963)

(20) Mixed Dates.  Average Circulated,  $147.00

1948-P,  XF $5.70;  AU.  $7.90

1949-P,  AU+.  $17.50

1949-P, BU ANACS Choice MS-63, $67.50*v

1949-S, BU ANACS  Graded MS-64, near Gem,  $119.00

1950-P, XF+ .  $8.50

1951-P, BU (MS-62-63).  $18.00

1951-P, VF-XF.  $6.90

1951-D, AU-58+.  $18.25

1952-P, XF-AU.  $8.50

1953-P, AU.  $15.75

1953-D, AU-58.  $9.00

1954-P, AU-58+ or possible UNC. , weakly struck as most are.  $9.00

1954-P, XF .  $7. 00

1954-D, XF+.  $6.90

1956-P, AU58+, "Slider", Filled "E" Variety on Obv.   POR

1958-D, AU+,  $7.90

1959-P, AU-50, Breen 5251, Doubled Reverse Die.  POR

1962-P, AU-58, Reverse dark area. $6.50

1962-P, BU.  $11.50

1963-P, BU.  $11.50

1963-P,  AU-58.  $8.25


John F. Kennedy Half Dollars (1964- )

Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

1964, XF-AU, Silver Half Dollar.  $7.00

1964-P Nice BU coins $$7.50 with silver in the $17.00 range

Roll, (20 coins), original BU roll, JFK Half Dollars, 1964, for $104.50 (subject to current price of silver)

Please write to us if you need rolls of Kennedy silver BU half dollars.  Individual coins are selling for about 7.20-$8.00 with silver between $17.25-$18.00 oz.       


Silver-Clad Kennedy Half Dollars

1966-P, UNC-.   $3.40

1968-D, AU-UNC.  $2.90


Copper Nickel Clad Kennedy Half Dollars

Write with your want list.

1974-S Proof JFK,   $7.00

1776-1976 Two Coin and Mint Medal Set, issued by the Bureau of the Mint, with "Mary Brooks, Director" on the outer blue envelope. This set in sealed plastic packaging contains both the special Bicentennial Quarter and the Half-Dollar, but also a large dollar size bronze special Medal commemorating the old San Francisco Mint 1874-1937 with "S" Mint mark, while the coins have the "D" mint mark. A wonderful set  $18.50  (The quarter alone sells for $13.00 in MS-65, and the half at $9.00)





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