The large cents which are collected by many by date or types are also collected and are designated by varieties that are contained in the standard books used by collectors of this type: by Sheldon ("S" numbers), and for later dates by Newcomb ("N" numbers). In addition a newer book by Walter Breen "Encyclopedia of Early United States Cents 1793-1814 is cited by "B" numbers from this key book.   There is now a very strong market in early American coins from half cents to silver dollars which are being recognized for their artistic and historical importance and relative scarcity.

We will shortly be listing many additional large cents on this page.  We have a large stock in this area. Become a member of Early American Coppers which is a great group to join if you wish to be active in this area (see our page on clubs to join).  If you collect in this area, we kindly request your sending us your want list, giving dates, condition, and varieties you are seeking if you collect by varieties   (wantlists@CoinsInternational.com). 


1794, LARGE CENT, Liberty Cap Type, Head of 1794, S-22, Breen 6:Dies 5-C, "Bent Lock/Mounds on reverse", Very Fine-20, nice surface, two slight small flan defects on obverse, few small reverse imperfections which do not seriously detract from the overall high quality of this coin.  Strong obverse strike for variety, with bust and "LIBERTY" strong.  Recent Coin Values this this coin at $2,000.00. Ours just $1,775.00

1794, LARGE CENT, Liberty Cap Type, Head of 1794, S-25, Breen 15:Dies 11-1, "Severed Hair Strands"/ Wide 7-9 type, Fine-12, slightly corroded surface, NET VG-8,  nicer surface than sounds. Brown color with few imperfections. Good obverse strike for variety (which Sheldon in 1990 edition gave a R-4 rating, while Breen gives it a "High Rarity 3"), hat, bust and date strong. $1,120.00  1803 die states.

1803, LARGE CENT, Liberty Cap Type, VG8/F, S- 243, Breen 1: 1-A, the Reverse "Stemless" type with double fraction, and obverse bases of LIB are extremely close.  This example has cuds or rim break on obverse at just under RTY and one at about 8 to 9 O'clock.  The latter was not mentioned in Breen, thus might be an even later state than V. Sheldon gave this a R-4, and CEQ R-3, but Breen used R-2. It may simply be scarce in this type and die state. Condition is rough on obverse with one notable gash at drapery lines above 3 and neck, also several very old scratches in field at left of hair, and a few nicks in keeping with its grade and normal wear. The reverse is far better and Fine, with one visible very small gauge on left of ribbon and very minor scuffs, and an almost not visible dig under "A" of America which might be a die/plainchant defect.  There appears to be an edge cud developing on left edge next to "D" in UNITED.  An interesting coin for those doing a study of 1803 die states.  POR

1808, LARGE CENT, CLASSIC HEAD, VG+-F, S. 277, Breen 1: Dies 1-A, "Wide Date and 12 Stars" variety. Reverse with arc cracks from rim through "D" to leaves. Microscopic porosity but  obverse has no noticeable defects or marks and reverse show the typical die crack from leave left through ONE and one up to leaves above ONE. See Breen example, p. 782.  Dark gray-brown tone. R-2.  POR

1811, LARGE CENT, CLASSIC HEAD,  This is the "Blundered 1811/0 Variety with reverse die gouge below (N)E.  Overall VG- in details, with strong full LIBERTY, some detail in hair, and strong stars on right and weaker ones on left.  Blunder completely clear. Reverse diagnostic die gauge clearly seen, S. 286, Breen 2:  Dies 2-B, R-3 for Breen and Noyes. Breen notes that this type is usually dark and on rough or defective plainchants.  Our coin is somewhat porous and dark but not much different than most of this type (just look at the Breen book picture) and grade but has fewer defects of wear than average. Obverse surface seems somewhat smooth to naked eye.  A great buy at  $200.00

1811, LARGE CENT, CLASSIC HEAD, VF-20, S. 287, Breen 1, Dies A-1,  R-2,  This is the normal date type,  Used same bad plainchant stock as S.286 and Breen notes it often comes with dark and rough surfaces.' This copy has the normal porous surface but overall is a nice coin for this variety and grade.   Shows slight bulge between stars 8 and 9.    $1,000.00

1816, CORONET, MATRON HEAD, Newcomb-1A, Fine-12, R-5-6.  A Rare variety in a decent grade. Better than average surface, medium brown and without any serious problems.  Reverse weakly struck at the "O" in ONE and "C" in CENT as is characteristic for this variety.  A nice VF will go for $500 and upwards.  Ours only $75.00

1817 LARGE CENT CORONET, N-2, Close Date Type, CQR lists as R-4+ in choice condition. This coin was graded by ANACS as EF-40.  In terms of wear this is probably a bit better, and may be close to collectable condition census.  Has characteristic major reverse cracked die lines, and obverse open mouth and die crack at point of bust. Nice light choice chocolate color with lovely glossy surfaces. A very small surface dig right of bust is likely a flan imperfection, slightly rotated reverse. Otherwise no significant problems and a great looking coin. Deserves a premium over the ordinary condition of these coins.  $600.00 (593700)

1818 LARGE CENT CORONET, "Matron Head", N-10, ANACS MS-62 Red Brown, mostly red obverse with reverse less so, with excellent strong die crack through stars, few spots. Probably a bit better than graded. "Randall Hoard" Early American coins in top condition like this one are greatly sought after in the current market which is strong on these late 18th and early 19th century coins.   $ 900.00

1837 LARGE CENT CORONET, N-11, Wright 37-11, Beaded Hair Cord type, Fine+,  R-1, Average medium brown surface for grade and without any problem marks at all. Reverse has two die cracks at S(T)A to wreath. $36.00

1839/36, LARGE CENTS CORONET, N-1,  Good, but a bit better in terms of detail and date is strong and clear, R-3, Some reverse and larger obverse verdigris, porosity, and a significant corrosion area on reverse near ONE and CENTS.  Not the best example I have seen but a key variety and scarce!  In Coin Values it is priced at $300.00 in Good-4. The most expensive major variety among the Coronet Large Cents. The Professional Red Book list this coin in XF40 at $9,500 and a EF-45 sold in 2005 for $14,950.  Fair price might be $110.00 or bid!

1843, LARGE CENTS CORONET, Obverse type of 1844, Mature Head, Large Letters, N-5-A-5, EF-40, Has some very small edge dents.  Nice medium brown surface that appear glossy but has some micro-porosity under microscope and normal nicks of grade. $80.00

1847, LARGE CENTS CORONET, Obverse type of 1844, with re-cut of double "4." Mature Head, Large Letters, N-19, EF-40, Has some very small edge dents.  Nice medium brown surface that appear glossy but has some micro-porosity under microscope. $80.00

1853, LARGE CENTS CORONET, NGC MS-62 Brown, This is a nice coin without defects and belongs in a Unc. Type set of Large cents. Coin Values gives a price of $300.00 for a MS-62 BR example, this coin in NGC holder just $250.00*v