U.S. Morgan Sliver Dollar Sets

COMPLETE UNCIRCULATED SET OF FIRST YEAR OF MORGAN DOLLARS (1878): First year set of series in Brilliant Uncirculated (MS-60+ - MS-63), all original surfaces). The key varieties and mints (5 coins) including the hard to find Carson City Mint (this alone goes for $300- $325), the 8 Tail Feathers, the 7 Tail Feathers, the sought 7 over 8 Tail Feathers (now called "Strongly Doubled Tail feathers"), and the San Francisco dollar. Trends (Coin Values at average of MS-62, June 2010 issue) puts value of set at about $905.00.  Now only all for just $710.00, in  free deluxe custom Capital Plastic case. A great gift and a great buy!

U.S. Peace Silver Dollar Sets

 The following sets were put together many decades ago and we are selling them as sets but note they have all the key dates but have not been checked for VAM varieties. Both are major buys a current market and silver values. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

COMPLETE SETS OF PEACE DOLLARS: First set, VF+ TO B.U.. 1921-1935 The key dates are 1921-P UNC./AU; 1924-S UNC.; 1927-P B.U.; 1927-S UNC.; 1928-P UNC. ; 1934-D UNC.; 1934-S VF+/XF; 1935-S VF+. Most of the rest are UNC or AU. Trends (Coin Values) of set is over $2,000.00. Only $1,750.00 in Whitman Classic Album.

A Second set is for sale, slightly lower grades but none below VF+, still with a goodly number of AU/UNC. coins, the 1928-P and 1934-S a strong XF. A trends value is currently at over $1,500.00, this set for only $1,050.00 in Album.


Early U.S. Dollars (We specialize in this series!)

(Please note that "B" designation is a citation of the variety number system in "The United States Early Silver Dollars from 1794 to 1803" by M.H. Bolender, Fifth Revised Edition. The "BB-" designation is from "Silver Dollars and Trade Dollars of the United States, A Complete Encyclopedia" by Q. David Bowers,  Volume One, 1993.)

Draped Bust Type, Small Eagle Reverse

1797 SILVER DOLLAR, DRAPED BUST TYPE, SMALL EAGLE, total of 7,776 minted, the smallest mintage of any year from 1795 to 1803. ANACS XF-40, B-3,  BB-71, 10x6 stars, Large letters in legend, 8 berries in left branch, lowest berry near ribbon bow is on outside of wreath, on reverse Liberty and some other letters bifurcated.  Large plainchant with well defined denticles. With very light mint adjustment marks on reverse, very small edge bump.  Breen in his complete encyclopedia cites this type as Breen 5374, (p.427), Bolender 3, (BB-71), H-3, and Robinson 823.  Breen identified this type as the 2,493 minted of May 26-June 30 1797, Hilt believes all were minted in 1798 and there is much speculation on actual mintage. Many examples show adjustment marks which are characteristic.  Bolender, Fifth Edition, list this coin as R-2.  Bowers states in his book that all 1797s are scarce as does many other sourses, and says that even collectors to whom money was not a question, their collections were more likely to average below EF grade than above it. Prices for this coin are rising fast as collectors find nice examples scarce to find and this area grows in serious collector interest.  Priced at $11,500 in a recent Coin Values issue in 2010. It is estimated that only 1,625 1797s may exist in all grades, while Bowers in 1993 estimates that for 1797 BB-71s there are just 1,250 to 2,000 coins or on his Universal Rarity Scale a 12.    $10,375.00 (945950)

Heraldic Eagle Reversed

 1799 HERALDIC EAGLE REVERSE SILVER DOLLAR, Perfect Date, Large Berries, 7 & 6 stars, type with apostrophe after final S in states on reverse.  Bolander 9, (BB-166). Breen 5391. Scarce die state IV. Pleasing NGC VERY FINE  details, cleaned likely long ago as most early dollars have been in their long history of circulation. Reasonably free of problems with nice steel gray toning. Great, better grade, early American type coin at a reasonable price. Picture available. $2,300.00

1799 HERALDIC EAGLE REVERSE SILVER DOLLAR, Perfect Date, Large Berries, Obverse 7 & 6 stars, reverse 13 stars, type without apostrophe after final S in states on reverse.  Pleasing original Extra FINE (XF-40+) lovely gun metal tone with underlining luster. Great, better grade, early American type coin at a reasonable price. $4,290.00

1799 HERALDIC EAGLE REVERSE, SILVER DOLLAR, Perfect Date, Obverse die #3, 7 & 6 stars, reverse 13 stars, Reverse die #C,  B-19, BB-155, R-5, NGC VF-35, probably, in our opinion, a strong candidate for XF.  This is a coin with a very strong claim to a higher grade and its especially smooth partly glossy light gray gun metal surface has very few abrasions and to the eye is very attractive. It is, according to Bowers, a late more "rare" obverse die stage IV, which has the characteristic die crack going from the edge border under bust through bottom of last 9, center of 179, and first three stars on left to border, plus the crack from star 2 to hair, and even more rare an unlisted, one forming from star 3 towards hair. The reverse has the characteristic die crack from edge through D in UNITED. A Rare die marriage and die state. The 1799 B-19 is particularly rare in grades above normal VF. This is, in short, an original naturally toned Very Choice high end VF, the obverse awash in attractive gray patina with hints of glossy orange/gold luster near devices and the reverse with rich steel-gray toning. The strike is mostly above average for the variety with much detail even in the centers on the reverse. The wings and shield areas show almost no wear, while the left motto area is weakly struck but readable, which is frequent for this die marriage. Bowers notes that "reverse stars always weakly impressed." Light moderate even wear is noted. Attractive appearance, and definitely problem free in the context of the assigned grade. This is a top coin for the Draped Bust variety collector with its very rare R-5 designation, which does not come up often in sales. Bowers notes that there may be approximately only 60-100 of the BB-155 (B-19) in all grades and only 12 from AU and above.  $3,950.00*v

1802/1 SILVER DOLLAR, HERALDIC EAGLE REVERSE SILVER DOLLAR, Draped Bust Type, ANACS XF-45 (Choice Extra Fine), B-3 (BB-234), (H-3), nice dark patina, the sought over-date, Wide overdate, with the most space between 8 and 0. Nicely struck on reverse, dark original gun-metal tone with some luster showing under tone, wings fully struck-up and clear details. Reverse B.  Listed in early Bolender as R-3 "Scarce" and revised as R-1 in 5th Edition. Now cited as R-2 in some sources with just 575 population.  Quality early dollars are rising fast in this market.  In a major coin publication an ANACS same graded 1802/1 was being offered for $9,885.00.  Our's is just $6,400.00 (945949)

1802 HERALDIC EAGLE REVERSE SILVER DOLLAR, Close perfect date, wide space between 8 & 0, Right foot of T in LIBERTY missing, characteristic of type. B-6, (BB-241), Breen 5400. A tougher date for this type, some nice luster remains with light golden toning over excellent surfaces, strong even strike. Classic early American coin. R-1 in Revised Edition of 1988. All struck in 1804. NGC VERY FINE details, apparently having been cleaned long ago but little evidence of this shows to the naked eye. Above average specimen for its grade in our opinion with just a few very small nicks/digs on obverse. Picture available. Nice for a type collection of early dollars.  $2,300.00


Liberty Seated Dollars*

1871, SEATED DOLLAR, BREEN 5487, VF+/XF, Normal Die, $425.00

1872-P SEATED DOLLAR, Breen 5490, Normal Die, nice even wear, still much luster remaining, usual weaker obverse with strong reverse VF+/XF, $450.00


Trade Dollars*

1877-P, TRADE DOLLAR, Breen 5807, heavy date/ Bases of 18 touch, XF.   $200.00

1877-S TRADE DOLLAR, Good+,  $79.00 

1877-S TRADE DOLLAR, Breen 5812 / Bowers #5, Variety with Doubled Reverse Die/Large S, Listed by Breen as "Very Rare" and by Bowers as "Rare".  VF with a few minor dark spots.  POR. 


Morgan Dollars

(Note: We have just about every date of this type in stock please send your want list, we also have VAM and Breen varieties.  Please use this list until we can fully up-date the "Morgan Dollar" page.

1878-CC, NGC MS-64, Near gem coin from the sought after Carson City mint.  Bright white and frosty. $575.00*v  

1879-CC, VAM TOP 100, VAM-3 Capped CC,    NGC VF Details "Harshely Cleaned, rim damage" note the rid damage are a couple of rim bumps which do not go beyond the rim, still a key date and CC mint type, $275.00*v

1879-CC, NGC VF Details, "Improp Cleaned, Obv. damage" which appears to be two small gouges between two starts which do not impact on the overall appearance of this VF-25 coin. A top VAM  CC mint variety, $275.00*v

1881, NGC MS-64, nice white with proof like fields. $175.00*v

1882-S, B.U. (MS-60+) Semi-Proof Like, $40.00

1883-P VF-XF, (Doubled Die Reverse?)  POR

1885-P Good, $17.90

1886-P AU-58, $30.00

1886-P BU (MS-60-61) $36.00

1887-P  BU, Late Die Stage, die crack along top of "United States," Interesting variety  $36.40

1888-S, ANACS MS-62, Nice and bright, $380.00

1890-P, ANACS MS-62, Proof Like, really nice proof like surfaces, in near choice coin  $45.00

1890-O VG, $18.90

1890-O, ANACS-64, near gem and a very nice coin indeed. $389.00

1890-S, Very Fine, $20.00

1895-S, Good+, but sadly with a number of edge digs on reverse and obverse. This is one of the key dates of the series. It lists in Coin Values at $275 in Good, A REAL buy at $98.00

1896-P, BU (MS-61+) White with some edge toning, $40.00

1900-P MS-61+,VAM-11, R-5, Doubled eagle/2 Oliver reverse, minor toning spots on rev., a major variety.  POR

1900-O VF. $23.70; XF $25.80

1902-O BU (MS-60) weakly struck, $38.00

1903-S Good, tougher date in higher grades.  $44.00

1921-S VF,  $17.50

1921-P XF,  scrs. obverse, $18.00

1921-P AU-,  $19.50

1921-P AU+,  16 berries, Breen 5705,  $27.00

1921-D, AY-, $25.00


Peace Dollars

1922-P,  XF-AU.  $28.00

1922-P,  toned XF-AU w/graffiti Obv. left field  $26.50

1922-P AU- . $27.50

1922-P AU- . $27.50

1922-P AU.  $28.50

1922-P MS-60+ ,  $29.50

1922P AU+, VAM II4B2a (Doubled Motto Type).  POR

1923-S XF.  $26.50

1923-P, Unc. (MS-60) $27.50

Ike Dollars

1971-P AU-UNC. (This  is a space related coin with Eagle over moon on reverse. (See background image this page.)  $3.00

1972-P AU. $3.00

1972-P AU.  $3.00

1976 BU. (MS-63) Bicentennial Reverse,  $6.00

Anthony Dollars

1979-P Choice BU Narrow Rim (Far date) Type.  Note this is a space related coin with Eagle over moon on reverse.   $3.35

1979-P  BU MS-64-65 Wide Rim Type (Near date).  $80.25

1980 SOUVENIR SUSAN B. ANTHONY DOLLAR SET, ALL MINTS (P,D,S) IN CHOICE B.U.; in as issued green  U.S. government envelope with "The 1980 Dollar Souvenir Set" stamped on it.  This is becoming a sought after set as the Anthony dollars are becoming depleted in U.S. stocks.  $60.00

The Sacagawea "Golden" Dollar (Special Offer)

We have in a small supply of the 2000-P  nice BU Sacagawea Dollars. They are selling by many dealers now for about $3.00 to $5.00. We will include one of these in each order from this page for more than $50 and including at least three different coins. You must request this special web offer with your order.  (It will show that you read all the way down to the bottom of the page, and you deserve a little something special!  Do also tell us how you found this web site please.  We try to make navigating this web site a bit more interesting and rewarding.